Angular vs. React vs. Vue

  • Angular vs React — the DEAL BREAKER :
  • Angular vs. React vs. Vue: A 2017 comparison :


React characteristics

  • DOM refreshing is done only in place of a real change based on React’s Virtual DOM
  • Everything is a component principle
  • Small output size
  • Whole code is written in JSX, a mix of XML and JS
  • Can have compact source structure due to its component based model
  • React is more often recommended for large scale projects than VueJS, which is similar in a lot of ways, but React requires more in depth reaserch
  • Works well with Redux plugin making refreshing data from backend consistent
  • You can leverage the power of a full programming language (JavaScript) to build your view, including temporary variables, flow controls, and directly referencing JavaScript values in scope
  • The tooling support (e.g. linting, type checking, editor autocompletion) for JSX is in some ways more advanced than what’s currently available for Vue templates

Build sizes of all frameworks are simmilar.

VueJS 119kB
React 165kB
Angular 151kB

Flux concept libraries:

Vuejs + Vuex

React + Redux/Flux

Angular + NGRX

We can use our CKEditor library all of above. Angular seems to force some concepts in code structure and the other two look lightweight,

giving more posibilities to manipulate code the way we want.

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