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Frequently Asked Questions

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I can't uninstall Smart Touch application, How to do?

Open app->uninstall menu if you can not uninstall the application. It is due to policy of google when you want to use Lock Screen feature because it requires Device Admin permission.

Which sensitive permission using on Smart Touch?

– Accessibility services
It is for physical disabilities, Smart Touch provides powerful single hand features, you can use one hand to operate the phone, switch apps easily, replacing the navigation hard keys, which can hardly be controlled by one hand. Please be assured that Smart Touch will not collect any of your private information, it is only for performing global action such as BACK, RECENT, POWER.
– BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN: Which is only used to lock screen (pressing sort key instead of physical power button) and turn off the screen of your device.
– CAMERA: To turn on Flashlight and shortcut to snap photos.
– CALL_PHONE: Add contacts to Action so you can make calls. It is for Direct Call shortcut not from our application inside.

Which tools are included on Active tools?

Daily Active tool is complete package of tools that are used in daily life. It is included:

  • Compass,
  • Torch/Flashlight
  • Unit Converter (6 categories with 41 unit types)
  • Ruler
  • Stop watch.

We keep going to produce more and more useful tools

How many tools for pregnant women?

We produces 2 type of pregnancy tool which included: Pregnant general information and pregnancy music to support unborn child.

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