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Frontend build system

TLDR Winner – Webpack There are numerous options for building, boundling and managing packages on the market.   Package managers: Bower – no longer supported, creates flat tree of packages, it requre to resolve packets conflicts and uses only one copy of each package (contrary to npm, where we can have huge tree with many copies […]

Angular vs. React vs. Vue

Angular vs React — the DEAL BREAKER : Angular vs. React vs. Vue: A 2017 comparison : Projects vue.js + webpack React characteristics DOM refreshing is done only in place of a real change based on React’s Virtual DOM Everything is a component principle Small output size Whole code is written in JSX, a mix of XML […]

[Google] Remove Apps with Accessibility Services from the Play Store

What exactly is Google doing? The Google company is informing developers that if their application uses an Accessibility Service for any reason other than assisting users with disabilities, then they must remove the use of this permission within 30 days or their application will be removed from the Play Store. Failure to abide by this requirement […]